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Soul Tacos is the collaboration of two individuals, Sonia Contreras and John Garay. You can expect to hear stories of life lessons, challenges, and triumphs. Stay tuned to this blog to have an encounter with entertainment, humor, and inspiration.

Sonia Contreras, co-founder, contributor, Phoenix, AZ


Sonia Contreras is a natural-born leader, a lover of new experiences, and an adventurer at heart. She was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, and has spent the last 15 years of her life living in Southwest Phoenix. Originally from South Phoenix, her family moved to the north side of Phoenix when she was younger. Growing up she knew she was different. After her family moved from the Southside to the Northside, she stuck out in a sea of Caucasians. Her friends would say she spoke funny and sounded too Mexican which helped fuel her passions for writing. She began writing at the young age of 6-years-old. She won a national poetry contest in the first grade where she wrote about her dog and her love for tacos. Since then, she never stopped writing.

Sonia is a proud Chicana, 2nd generation Mexican-American who loves to write, dance, and collaborate new ideas with others. She has earned a degree in Theology, a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and a Master’s in Public Administration. Sonia has worked in higher education for over ten years. She believes in the power of education, but also believes that well-traveled individuals hold just as much power. Travel is empowerment and is some of the best education you can get. It’s a form of education that you cannot get from reading a book or writing a research paper as she is all too familiar with. She has traveled to many parts of the world in pursuit of enriching her own life and experience other cultures and ways of life. She is passionate about helping her Latinos, and other “minority” groups enrich their lives through education and travel. “perspective is everything… it is what helps shape our lives”.

“She never felt brown enough, never felt white enough, but always felt good enough” … sonza1

John Garay, co-founder, contributor, Las Cruces, NM

John _20170416_141710is a master goal setter, encourager, and connector of people. He has spent over 18 years mentoring and coaching individuals in life skills and career transitions. Raised on a farm in New Mexico, he is a 2nd generation Mexican-American. As a child, he spent his Summers working alongside immigrant farm labors and attended school with their children. John was a first-hand witness to many of the struggles experienced by these families. His desire to help immigrants and dreamers led him to earning a bachelor of science in family and child science at New Mexico State University. He went on to earn an MBA at University of Phoenix and certificate of excellence in life coaching from Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts. He currently is working on a Master of Science in Family Dynamics at Grand Canyon University. He has worked in the field of higher education since 2010. He currently advises indigenous and international students, helping them set and reach educational and career goals. He is also known for his love of empanadas, tacos, coffee, and soul music.

Photo credit: Jeremy Brooks via Foter.com / CC BY-NC