3 reasons to continue to pursue your dreams in your 30’s and 40’s

El quería ir a la universidad y estudiar, pero se casó, luego tuvo hijos, y se le pasó el tiempo.”… Does this sound like a familiar story?

As children, many Latinos living in the USA, share the same American dream. A huge house, a nice car, a career, a beautiful family, and much more. In school, we are taught to aim for the stars and that anything is possible. Even the most outlandish dreams seemed promising and attainable. Nevertheless, for many, time has passed, and the dreams never actualized as we hoped they would. Family obligations, circumstances of life, and other challenges prevented us from reaching our goals. Se pasaron los años tan rapido que ni tan siquiera nos dimos quenta.

Perhaps this scenario is all too real for you. You too had a dream, but before you knew what hit you, your 20’s passed you by. The digits of your age keep increasing and you feel like it’s way too late to even try. You feel like your dream is dying it’s time to bury it, and time to settle for the life that was dealt to you.

If I just described you, I’d like to take a moment and insert a cyber-slap-reality-check into this sentence. Those negative thoughts that have crossed your mind are mentiras. Regardless what your dream is, whether it’s starting your own business, earning a degree, or fighting for a cause. You still have life in you. You still have the ability to dream. You still are able to make it happen.

Let me give you three good reasons why you are at a perfect age to pursue your dreams.

  1. You have plenty of experience to bring to the table.

Many people view their 20’s as the best years of their life……. I must admit that there are benefits to starting careers and obtaining education at a young age. However, think back to life in your twenties. Some of the greatest lessons that we learned during those years came from mistakes that you made. Now that you are in your 30’s you have much more to offer this world. You have experience!
Maybe you don’t have the skillset that you desire. Nevertheless, you’ve already started to piece together a tool box. You can use those tools to construct the life you desire to have.

  1. There is still at least half-a-life-time left to reach your goals.

Pay close attention. Your life isn’t over. You have barely started living!!! Chances are that you may have another good 25+ years left in the workforce. Wouldn’t you rather spend those years doing something that you love to do? Stop wasting time and start putting together a plan to make it happen.

  1. Because you are worth it!

It’s easy to get caught up living your life for others; family, children, employers, etc., It may seem like there isn’t room for you to focus on the things that you want in life. Nevertheless, you are worth it. My hope and prayer is that you would find value in yourself and in what matters to you. You deserve the opportunity to reach your dreams. Don’t let anyone, not even your own mindset, keep you from being all that you are destined to be.

Ready! Set! Vamonos!


John G.