Compassion: A Lost Art in Leadership


Compassion has become a lost art in leadership, especially in corporate America: small-level government. Many times there is a disconnect between leaders and their employees. Communication is lost, genuine interest and concern is lost, and an overall understanding and compassion for people is lost. These crucial things are sacrificed for the sake of driving for business success. People become numbers, and they are only as good as their ability to produce in the business world. This however, is not conducive to a positive, cohesive working environment. At the end of the day, production is what drives business, but investing in people is priceless. People need to feel connected. They need to feel important and valued, and they also need to  know their areas of opportunity. Sometimes people need to be put in check, and a good leader will know how and when to pull the trigger on all of these things.

I’m a Latina, a mentor, a coach, a listener, and a leader in corporate America. I am a leader who seeks understanding. My goal is to encourage others to be successful and help them reach their goals. I must remember their success does not always match up to what I see for them. Their definition of success and mine can be completely different and that is okay. My people have come to me with problems, concerns, fears, and some with major losses in their lives. I listen, I empathize, I hug them, and sometimes even disagree. Sometimes they like me, and sometimes they don’t. As a leader, I must remember that I am human first, and so are the people I serve. They are not robots. They have lives outside of the four walls that surround us daily. I understand the importance of driving for business needs, but I also further understand the importance of people’s strong desire to feel connected. The power of connecting is just that: Power!  As a leader, it is important that you do not lose your power to connect with others. People need support, understanding, encouragement, empowerment, a sense of belonging, and even sometimes discipline. Be the leader who has that balance, and never allow the power of your authority get to your head.

Be the leader who not only has balance, but respect. A leader who is respected because you not only receive it, but you give a whole lot of it back. Be a leader who seeks understanding. Be a leader who helps others reach their full potential and reach THEIR success, NOT yours. Be a leader who knows how to empower their people. A leader who leads by example. Example is not always perfect. Be open to your imperfections and flaws, it will help you connect better with your people. Be a leader who shows their human side, not self-righteous, but raw and real. Have a vision, mission, and drive. Your energy alone as a leader alone can influence and empower others- even when it is low. You have the power to influence.

What kind of leader will you choose to be?  Are you ready?


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