Somos Unidos Prayer

Soul Tacos wants to take a moment to acknowledge the many unfortunate and devastating events that have impacted our people. From the earthquake in Mexico, where many lives were lost, to the horrible hurricane in Puerto Rico which destroyed many areas of such a beautiful island, where our fellow Americans and our Latino brothers and sister live. At Soul Tacos it is our mission to create awareness of the challenges faced or experienced by Latinos in our nation and throughout the world. Our desire is to help us unite as a culture and shine our light as a people of resilience. We would like to lift our hearts in prayer on behalf of those impacted by these disasters.

Padre Dios (Father God)

Venimos ante de ti como un pueblo quebrantado y triste

(We come before you as a people whose hearts are broken and  full of sorrow)

Nuestros corozones se emocionen al saber que nuestros amigos y familiares en Puerto Rico y Mexico estan en dolor, y sin necesidades básicas para vivir

(Our hearts are filled with tears, knowing that our friends and family in Puerto Rico and Mexico are hurting and without their basic needs being met)

Tiempos como estos nos dejan sintiendonos sin fuerza y desvalidos

(Moments like these leave us with feeling powerless and hopeless)

Y por eso venimos ante ti en humildad

(And that’s why we humbly turn towards you)

Te pedimos por los pasises de Puerto Rico y Mexico

(We pray for the countries of Puerto Rico and Mexico)

Pedimos que extiendes tus manos de sanidad divina sobre esos lugares

(We ask you to extend your healing hands over these places)

Pedimos que confortes a cada corazón roto y herido

(We ask you to comfort every broken and hurting heart)

Pedimos que provees agua y aliemiento para cada persona quien lo necesita

(We ask you to provide water and food for every person)

Pedimos que provees los recursos humanos y los provisiones necesarias para reconstruir los destrozos

(We ask you to provide the man power and supplies to rebuild what has been destroyed)

Pedimos tu  protección de todo el mal

(We ask for you for protection from harm)

En final, pedimos que unes a todos los Latinos

(And finally we ask that you would unite the Latin community)

Que podemos ser un pueblo que apoyamos, fortalezamos, y amamos los unos a los otros

(That we would be a people that supports, strengthens, and loves one another)

Permitanos brillar tu luz en estos tiempos obscuros

(Let us be your light in these dark times)

Amén (Amen)


Many waters cannot quench love, nor can rivers drown it….. 

Song of Songs 8:7 (NLT)

Las muchas aguas no pueden apagar el amor, ni los ríos pueden ahogarlo.

Cantar de los Cantares 8:7 (NTV)