How to fulfill your purpose  in a world full of trumps (Part 2 – Ponte listo!)

Last week we talked about the importance of “Showing-up” in a world full of trumps. In spite of outside voices that attempt to intimidate us, it is crucial that we renounce fear and represent our dreams and our ability to reach them. This week we continue our conversation in part 2 of our 4 part series.

John says:
18486372_10212140425922429_268214459941531133_nIn a world full of trumps, there is no room for complacency. Trumps don’t always ridicule you or try to harm you. However, they will do all that there is in their power to see you settle for less than you deserve. They may offer praise to you and tell you that you are doing a great job. However, be aware that this may simply be a scheme to distract you and silence the dreams of greatness that have fanned the fire of your heart from the start.  They are motivated by a drive to see you never fulfill your purpose. Por ese razón tenemos que estar listos.

If you happen to be a person with a dream….

If you have places that you desire to go to….

If there are heights that you want to reach….

Ponte listo!!! (Get ready) Prepárate!!! (Prepare yourself)

I wholeheartedly believe that dreams are followed by opportunities. Opportunities may arrive immediately, or their arrival may take time. However, when the opportunity comes, you need to be prepared.

I have some homework for you. Grab a pen and paper, and before you go to bed tonight, ask yourself the following questions, and jot down your answers.

  • What skills do I need to reach my goal, and how can I learn them?
  • What knowledge do I need to reach my goal and where can I obtain it?

Once you’ve made your list, set some personal goals with firm deadlines. Next, remove “Someday” from your vocabulary. Instead, replace that word with “Today”. The longer you postpone your own personal development, the longer you put your dreams on hold.

For now….

Keep dreaming….. keep developing new skillsets …. Keep growing in knowledge y preparanse para los oportunidades que están por llegar.
Ponganse listos !!!

Ready! Set! Vamonos!

Sonia says:   Preparation Time is not Wasted Time

Sonia NYC

I have always said that preparation time is not wasted time. The more we prepare ourselves, the more we invest in  a better version of what or who we desire to be. As we prepare, we will be ready when  opportunity presents itself. Do not steer yourselves away from opportunity. Instead, be ready for it!  Know that you are more than a conqueror, you were called for such a time as this, and never allow anyone to make you think you are less than all that you were created to be.

We are all created for greatness, yet we forget the power that resides within us to create the life that we want for ourselves. We forget that greatness does not come in one shape or form, but in various talents, gifts, and people.  Remember, we have the ability to manifest our dreams and all that we envision for our lives.

Do not become so secure in your comfort zone that you do not know how to act or react when you are out of that zone. Our greatest growth comes from placing ourselves in the most uncomfortable positions and rising above our feelings of self-doubt. If you find yourself stuck in a rut, ask yourself some questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I most passionate about?
  • How does this passion benefit me and those around me?
  • What is the ultimate result you or others gain from those things you are passionate about?

When you have answered those questions, it is time to take action and prepare for what is to come. Do not become lazy, and most importantly, do not doubt your abilities to be the best you can be.

Whatever your dreams be ready for them to manifest. Be ready with a spirit of excellence and a spirit of expectancy. The best is yet to come.

Preparation time, is not wasted time, but rampant is impatience. We want things now, and can’t stand to wait, allowing the time it takes to stand in the way of fate.

Forgetting to follow your purpose and dreams we wake up one day, and we realize nothing is what it seems.

Shaken by the realization that we have allowed our dreams to pass, we realize we cannot continue down this path.

If you don’t act now, how long will it last?”




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