How to fulfill your purpose in a world full of trumps (Part 1 – Show up!)

Disclaimer: This is not a political post.

Regardless of where you land on the political spectrum, you cannot ignore the fact that there has been a nation-wide shift in the manner which Latinos of Mexican descent are perceived and treated. Prejudice and discrimination are not foreign concepts to the Latin community. Desafortunadamente, many of us have experienced such evil throughout our lives the form of snide comments, glares, and stereo-typing. Fortunately, in the midst of recent name-calling, shaming, and blaming, there has been a rallying of forces looking to empower the minority and create opportunity for advancement. The mission of Soul Tacos is to inspire others to live an extraordinary life (una vida extraordinaria). It is our hearts desire to see people rise above and become all that they were created to be. With that in mind, we’d like to share with four things that you can do to fulfill your life’s purpose in a world filled with trumps.

John says: 

18486372_10212140425922429_268214459941531133_nFear. Intimidation. Stress. Estos son enemigos de tu destino y propósito (these are enemies of your destiny and purpose). Whether you are certain of your life’s purpose or whether you are on a quest to find one, I can guarantee that you will encounter forces that will do their very best to prevent you from setting, planning for, and reaching your goals. In life, you are guaranteed to encounter forces that will ridicule you, speak evil of you, and do all that is in their power to prevent you from being all that you are destined to be. La voz de desanimo (discouragement), whether manifested as a multitude of people or as an individual foe, may attempt to make you feel defeated. But regardless of what you may face….. show up anyway.

When others doubt your potential…. Show up anyway

When others say you aren’t smart enough…. Show up anyway

When others say you aren’t good enough…. Show up anyway

When others say you don’t deserve it…. Show up any way

Show up with an attitude that says….

I got what it takes….

I’m good enough….

I’m more than enough…..

……. and nothing you say and do can keep me from fulfilling my purpose.

No te tengo miedo! Estoy determinado! Muévete o te Muevo!

Sonia says: 

IMG_20170716_181855_processedOften times we allow people to speak into our lives who have no business speaking into our lives. La negativa, la mal educada, la chismosa, y también la bruja.

Often times we find ourselves making excuses and coming up with reasons why we shouldn’t do something…that is called doubt and that is NOT showing up! Be weary of who you have speaking negatively into your vida. At times the person is you!

Showing up means we must not live in fear. We must not be fearful of our own success. We must not be fearful of how high we can rise. We must not allow others perceptions or deceptions determine who we are. They don’t get to determine our outcome, we do! We must not be fearful of the decisions we make to better our future. We must speak life and edify one another.

Getting out of our comfort zones means we are showing up! It means we will not allow others to hold us down.  It means we will not allow another persons perception of who they think we are to change our course of action. It means that we will rise above and hold our heads high against the nay-Sayers, the doubters, haters and negative gente.. show up with a spirit of excellence and expectancy.

When someone doubts you, show up! When someone says you can’t do something, give it all your ganas and say Vámonos!

U say I can’t, well I say I can because I’m mexiCAN..

Who are you to detour me from my plan?

My feet are planted, and strong I stand

You’re doubting

I’m shouting

I’m more than enough can’t u see?

Fulfilling a purpose and all that I am called to be

#ready #set #vámonos!!