Rise and Claim Your Prize

Grief to fuel your fire
This burning desire
Has me yearning
Life still has me learning
Gone once again
Lovers who became friends
…Or friends who became lovers
Lovers of life and each other’s expedition
But I’m someone on a mission
Fulfilling purpose and my own ambitions
Loving freely without conditions
These steps have been blessed and anointed
I will not allow to be disappointed
A work in progress surrounded by naysayers
Stay home and say a few more prayers
To applaud another’s success Is a gift…
I must confess,
Not a topic they want to address
Yet we rise above with our head held high
Bright eyes and happy goodbyes
Getting rid of the toxic in life
Getting rid of all your strife
You escape the cage where you once resided
The pain and hurt has now subsided
Freedom rings
Your heart sings
Becoming kings and queens
Whatever it takes, by all means
In a world full of trumps and punks
Still fulfilling purpose and gettin rid of junk
Clearing your mind on a whole other level
As I revel..
Knowing the truth and seeing the light
Let go of the struggle and give up the fight
Be empowered
Stand up and rise
Follow your dreams and claim your prize…
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Photo credit: Sonia Contreras