Mi Mezcla

You say “let’s go!” I say “vámonos!”IMG_20170716_181855_processed

I am a MexiCAN AmeriCAN
Never brown enough, never white enough, but always good enough.

My name is Sonia Teresa Contreras,

And I say that proudly as my R’s roll off my tongue.

I’m a Latina, a Chicana, with a ton of corazon.

Does the rolling of my R’s make you uncomfortable?

Because the blood in my veins is unstoppable.

You see, my parents raised me to be proud of who I am,

Proud of where I come from….

South side, north side, west side,

Always have enjoyed the ride.

Los mexicanos me dicen “pocha”

But that’s ok… I hold my head high, and I’m proud anyway.

I am proud and grateful that I get to experience two cultures and identify with them both.

I am proud of my wide variety of music on my playlist from Ramon Ayala to los Tigres del Norte, Maná, Morrissey, my obsession with Latin freestyle, my amazement and heart full of love for Hip Hop and it’s beautiful culture, and of course, my love for some Jazz, Salsa, and some Neo Soul..

My playlist is a jukebox inside Pepe’s Cantina without any type of genre or playlist that flows..

It goes from some corridos, The Beatles, Mos Def, and then Stevie B.  The record scratches and the party comes to a halt… a random country song … oops!  That’s not my fault.

Needless to say, I can’t just press play,  or ill mess up the flow..making everyone look at me like Black Rob says “whoa!”

Music flows through my veins and runs deep in my heart.

It’s not only a part of my culture, it’s a part of me and everything I am.

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